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Roland Mc-8 & MSQ700
Certainly the best sequencers of the history.more
Roland Vp330
The best vocoder more

TOP 10 Machines 1. OBX-A OBERHEIM 2. LM-1 Drumcomputer Linn 3. PROPHET 5 SCI 4. JUPITER8 ROLAND 5. SCV350 ROLAND 6. TR808 ROLAND 7. MC-8 ROLAND 8. Msq700 ROLAND 9. VP330 ROLAND 10. CS80 YAMAHA.

Jean Michel jarre, Vangelis, Suzanne Ciani, and more infos about your favorite artists.

The end of the analog synth became with the venue of the Yamaha dx7 and it was the end of feeling and the end of the real electronic instruments with soul.
Oberheim Obx-a & Prophet 5 is the award winning of the best analog synth ever made and you will understand it why so many artists used it in the 80s.
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